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Area of Ronda, Costa del Sol

A place where nature and culture connect the city of Ronda, in which both Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles resided for years, and the beauty of this place wrote. The bullring is the birthplace of bullfighting. In this ancient arena the royal cavalry trained their drills, which over time have been cumbersome and exhibitionist. Sometime in the 18th Century was a drill invented, what it was a bull with a lance from horseback from anger to. In the same way the bull is still confused, or from one side to the other drive. You should know that the horse shows a part of Spanish folklore include, especially in Andalusia and especially here in Jerez. The horses are naturally pure, Arab stallions, which by the Moors on the peninsula have been brought. You can gallop, jump, and some even cavalry music 'dance'. The traditional costumes of the Andalusian horses and their riders are fashionable and artistically. Of this you can rely on the market every year with a decent horse show convincing. Ronda is high up on both sides of the Tajo gorge, a steep ravine, through which the river was shaped Guadalevin. The two sides are connected by three bridges, the Puente Romano (Roman bridge), the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) and the Puente Viejo (Old Bridge). They are located 120 meters above the river, the Puente Nuevo is the longest of the bridges and the Puente Viejo was built by the Moors. Of all the three bridges, you have a spectacular view over the city. The city itself is rich in historical buildings and attractions such as La Mina. A fortified tower with a secret entrance to his foot and a very long, outdoor spiral staircase, which was built by the Moors, in order to reach the river. When the Catholics during their siege of the receipt discovered, they used him to reclaim the city 1485.

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