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Information for Reservation and booking:

To reserve a property, we need the name and full address of the tenant to prepare the contract, which will be send by email (pdf-file) to you, to sign and return by email or fax with a down payment of 30%, further on 20% 90 days before the arrival, the balance 4 weeks front up, the arrival day in cash the damage deposit (could be paid also in Sterling or Dollars) which will be refunded the departure day.

Or you do your booking right here on-line, go with your mouse over the arrival day and click, a new page will be opended where you can fill out all your details, click on -Contract accept- the chosen period will set on hold (you'll receive now an email with you client details), you can now confirm the booking when clicking over the PAY-BUTTON, (you can pay with your Paypal account or credit card), when the payment ransaction went through, the booking is confirmed. All further payments will be noticed to you few days before per email
Please use only our contactform and the always the same email address, that all messages can be stored in you client file.

Terms of reservation and booking:

The client can move into the property at 5pm on the arrival day and has to leave the property by 11am on the departure day. The owner will provide and make ready a set of keys for the client on the arrival day.
The property is rented as seen, with the features described via the internet. The client is responsible for any damage to the property or items, if caused by the negligence of the client or in cases of improper or abnormal use. The owner may charge the clients credit card with any damage which has not been paid for during the stay of the client, or seek to recover costs via other legal means.
The client must pay a security deposit to the owner, which will be refunded either in cash the departure day or by a bank transfer to the clients bank account when the rent is completely paid, after the house has been inspected, and no damages has been found. In case of any damage, the amount for any repairs will be taken off the security deposit, and any further costs will be charged to the client.
Prior to accommodation, the client must settle the total agreed rental price in full. In order to exclusively confirm a booking, a deposit is required at least two working days after making the booking and can be paid via bank transfer or paypal ( Any transfer, bank or credit card costs must be paid for by the client.
For any late payment (more than 5 days), you risk to loose the full paid amount, without any announcement from the owner.
To cancel a reservation customer must do so in writing within 90 days prior to arrival the fees are 10% of the rental amount, between 60 and 90 days before his arrival, there is no refund of the payment . If the cancellation is in between 45 and 60 days before arrival, there is no refund, the client has to pay 75% of the rental, between 30 and 45 days before the arrival, the client has to pay 80% of the rental rate, if less than 30 days before your arrival the client have to pay the full amount of the rental if not done before and there is absolutly no refund.
The owner may change the rented property to another one of the same size with similar features if there is an Act of God or any other emergency reason which prevents the rental of the agreed property, or if for any reason beyond the control of the owner, e.g. fire damage, death of the owner, sale of the property, the property is not available on the date booked, the owner will in this case endeavour to provide the best property of similar quality and closest location possible to the original property, the agreed rental price will not change, or if you wish all rent paid in advance will be refunded in full. The tenant shall have no further claim against the owner.
The rental price may include a weekly quick clean and linen change, if included in the contract. A final cleaning session takes place after the departure of the client, and has to be paid separately, if not included in the rental price. If a property is unusually dirty after the departure of the client, or if there are major cleaning difficulties incurred by the client, a charge of 150 Euro will be debit from the damage deposit of the client, as agreed by the client on the signed agreement.
Bed linen, towels and all usual household items required for basic living are provided by the owner. No consumables or beach towels will be provided unless specifically requested and if so will be at an extra charge per item. The towels provided with the property may not be used outside of the property or for uses other than household hygiene.
The rental price normally includes costs for the electricity, gas, water (if nothing else noted) and all the taxes. Any unusual consumption of electricity will be charged to the client. The client must be responsible to switch off all the lights when leaving the houses and to switch of all heaters, air conditioning units and kitchen machinery and accessories when not in use.
The properties do not contain any usable telephone lines. It is strictly forbidden for clients to attempt connect to any telephone lines if they are available, or to ask any telephone or communication company to install any communication devices. The same applies to any satellite television services, but most of the houses do already have televisions, satellites and receivers.
The property can only be resided by the agreed group of people who are declared in full to the owner. Any extra person must be authorised by the owner and is only permitted to stay overnight if there is the available bed space. It is not permitted for anyone to sleep on the sofas, floors or tables. Renting an extra bed is possible only where space is reasonably available, and at a rate of 50.- Euros per week including bed linen and the weekly cleaning.
Pets are only allowed on the property by written agreement with the owner. If a pet has been authorised, the client is responsible for it entirely, and must ensure that it is not left alone in the property, that it does not disturb any neighbours, and that it is walked regularly to avoid any litter in the house or garden. The owner has the right to end the occupancy with an animal at any moment when it becomes clear that the animal causes damage or is deemed a menace.
The owner has the right to refuse entry to the house to anyone at any time, and has the right to end the rental agreement at any moment, if there is evidence of the client not using the house properly or for purposes other than are appropriate for a holiday property rental.
Any unlawful acts within the house, either by the client or any people with the client, will end the rental agreement immediately. No illegal drug consumption or any storage of illegal drugs in the house is permitted. The client declares with his signature on his form that he/she or any members of the group residing at the premises are not addicted to illegal drugs. Excess of alcohol is common during holiday periods and the owner is not responsible for any damage sustained to the client due to alcohol consumption. The client is kindly asked not to disturb the neighbours and not to drive vehicles or operate machinery under the influence of alcohol. The owner is not responsible for any theft or loss of valuables at the property or otherwise.
Clients are advised to keep valuables in a safe if possible and/or to keep valuables with them at all times. There is no insurance against theft and loss of personal items beside any insurance cover the client may have included in their credit card, home insurance or travel insurance. Should a theft or robbery occur, clients are asked, to inform the local manager immediately by telephone.
The houses are insured against fire, storm, water damage out of solid pipes or fixed installations, and rainwater through the roof. Damage sustained to the house or to belongings of the client must be reported immediately to the manager or the owner.
The client has the role of the house owner during his stay. The owner is not responsible for any damage happening to the client due to a deterioration of any parts of the house during the stay.
Neither the agency nor the owner can be held responsible if force major by a temporary interruption of electricity and / or water, as well as construction, strike, ect. publicly or privately, which is not in the owner responsibility.
Any reclaims, regarding the quality of the property, damages or dis-functions of parts of the property, have to be announced by phone immediately, we try to repair it in less than 72h, if you do a reclaim the departure day, it is entitled to any remedy or price reduction, subsequent complaints are generally not accepted.
The apartments and villas listed on our website are private properties that belong to various owners and are typically located in large residential districts. The villas are not located in holiday parks, so construction work may occasionally occur nearby. This work is carried out by homeowners or contractors with whom we have no relationship whatsoever and over whom we cannot exert any control. Neither the accommodation provider nor our organisation can be held liable for inconvenience caused by any construction work not commissioned by the accommodation provider.
Where descriptions refer to satellite tv, it does not automatically mean that reception includes all stations. The mostly foreign owners have decoders that are not always suitable for receiving English channels.
Interruptions to water and electricity supplies are not uncommon in southern European countries. For various reasons municipal and/or regional authorities may decide temporarily to disconnect or reduce distribution. Neither your accommodation provider nor our organisation can be held liable for any damage incurred through such circumstances.
A mandatory weekly surcharge may sometimes be payable in certain seasons for properties with heating and/or air conditioning.

This contract is made under the law treaties of Bristol England, and all court matter proceed under the jurisdiction of the Courts of England.


§ 1 Revocation for customers with vacation rental agreements
You are free to withdraw your contract declaration within 24 hours without giving reasons in writing form (letter, e-mail), the paid reservation fee of 200 euro, if already paid, will be refunded to you, if your revocation should take place between 24h and 48h , the already paid booking fee of 200 euros, will not be refunded.
In order to safeguard the withdrawal period is sufficient to send the revocation to:

1A Pope Street - London SE1 3PR - United Kingdom
Mail :

§ 2 Revocation for Ad Customers
You can cancel your contract free of charge within 5 days without giving reasons in writing form (letter, e-mail), if you have already have the ad / ads, the total paid amount will be refunded, a cancellation after 5 days has to mean that your contract is concluded for 12 months and a refund of paid advertisements is not possible. The ad will be automatically deleted after the expiry of 12 months from the system.
In order to safeguard the withdrawal period is sufficient to send the revocation to:

1A Pope Street - London SE1 3PR - United Kingdom
Mail :

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